i turned off the ask/submit for now bcus i cant truly enjoy my bloggin with yall bein mad and racist in there so chill and peace out jesus is watching xoxox

This blog is awesome.

the power of god is awesome bless u

What is christgirl's denomination?


It's not funny making fun of chrisitans...if i made fun of mexicans or whatever you are i'm pretty sure you wouldn't be laughing :( yes, it might feel good when you get a lot of notes by responding with something that's barely funny, but it really isn't funny to the actual Christians and I wish you were a mature enough person to respect that.

its like making fun of white ppl like fuck off ur example is racist lmao

What do you think about Jews?

my boyfriend is jewish and i love him but hes going 2 hell

Im a gay guy but I think I love you.

this is quite an honor

white devils in my ask box daily

excuse me but when did having power in the government pertain to being racist? lol Barack Obama is president are you saying he's the only black male who can be racist towards white people (or anyone, for that matter)? your logic is a bit flawed there

ok wow youre really stupid and im publishing this bcus youre a moron and think racism is over bcus the president is black lmao

i literally never mentioned government

white people i swear

This girl in my class wrote Saved With Amazing Grace on the whiteboard im hella weak

about me

People need to learn how to take a joke. You keep doin' what you doin'

U KEEP DOIN what UR doin

bein RAD